You, Your Car and the Sun

posted by Solar Shield, 8 years ago

Spring has officially sprung, and the signs are everywhere – budding trees, birds chirping and here in Minnesota. We hope to see some green grass by June!

The sun is vital to our survival on earth. It keeps our planet in orbit in the solar system, and it’s heat is essential for humans’ existence. It also provides energy to the agricultural system that feeds humans and animals. However, the same bright and shiny sun can cause motor vehicle accidents due to glare on windshields, mirrors and shiny objects. Unfortunately, it can also cause skin damage, skin cancer and heat stroke. During warm weather, the sun can overheat our vehicles, cause fading and oxidization, and make the interior of our cars very uncomfortable.
For some reason, tinted car windows have been associated with gang members, street racers and thugs. That is definitely not reality. Installing car window film offers protection on four fronts:
•  your skin – sun damage and skin cancer
• impaired vision from glare
•  an overheated car
•  fading and oxidation of the car’s interior.

Safety Feature

When you really think about it, car window film is more of a safety feature because it helps keep you safe from the sun’s damaging rays and helps you drive more safely because it can minimize glare. When you are driving a vehicle with window film installed, you are protected from 99% of harmful ultraviolet radiation, and can skip applying your sunscreen. If a person is a frequent driver, sun damage is primarily found on the left side of the body because that is the side that is most often exposed to the damaging rays of the sun. An interesting article about significant sun damage experienced by a truck driver is found here. Additionally, car windows without window film allow all the sun’s heat and energy into the vehicle.

No one likes getting into a hot car in the warm weather! Window film protects against solar energy which results in a cooler car and less fading and oxidation of the car interior.
Since car window film offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays, what’s holding you back from having film installed on your car windows? We’d love to hear from you about professionally installed window film options. Click here for contact information.
For more information about the sun, please see an article from here.

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