Safety and Benefits of Window Film

Reduce Glare

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, glare and other poor weather conditions are one of the top six causes of car accidents in the United States. Window film helps reduce glare, which in turn reduces eye fatigue and quickens a driver’s reaction time.

Shatter resistance for windows

Window film keeps shattered glass in one piece in the event of an accident, wind or other extreme weather conditions. Window film can also protect children and passengers from being ejected out the window in a roll-over accident (see a crash test).

Add Privacy

Window film can help provide privacy for passengers which, along with adding shatter resistance to windows, helps deter intruders and smash and grab theft.


Our window films protect against 99.9% of UVA and UVB rays and have the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation. According to the American Optometric Association, children are at a greater risk of UV damage because the lenses of their eyes are more transparent, which allows more short wavelength light to reach the retina.

A recent study also suggests that there may be a correlation between frequent driving and an increased risk of skin cancer on the left side in the United States, where drivers sit with the window to their left. Fox News recently referenced this story in a short segment on why drivers should think twice before rolling your car windows down.

Medical concerns

Window film can help reduce the rate of ocular degeneration, and the sun protection can make a huge difference in the mobility of cancer and lupus patients, or anyone else with sun sensitivity.

Replace blinds

Many parents use blinds to help protect their children from the sun, but in the event of a crash, these objects can turn into dangerous projectiles. Window film is a no-hassle alternative with numerous other benefits.

Stay cool and comfortable

Window film can reject anywhere from 26-50% of solar heat gain, keeping your car cooler in the sun. It also increases the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and helps balance out the temperature in the vehicle (such as when front passengers are cold while the back passengers are still hot).

Protect your interior

Window film helps reduce interior fading in your car, keeping your ride looking nice.

These safety and benefits from window film pays for itself. Call us and schedule your install today.


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