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What is the best window tint to protect my children in the back seat?
March 30, 2023

How can you protect your child and make them more comfortable in the back seat of your auto? I am sure that after getting your house ready and baby-proofed for a new child you are also thinking of how to protect your child and make them more comfortable in your…

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Avoid the Smash and Grab Theft
November 17, 2022

So-called “smash and grab” car thefts have spiked in cities – particularly affluent areas – across the United States. But did you know there are steps you can take to protect your auto from such crimes? Car windows are being broken into and valuables are being taken from the vehicle….

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What Window Film to Choose for my Home or Office
September 30, 2022

Window films for your home or office are different than auto window tint. Window films today are sophisticated products with multiple layers of protection yet only millimeters thick. So what window film do I choose for my home or office? There are eight main types of window films: Standard Metallized…

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Are you aware of how Ultraviolet Rays affect our homes?
August 4, 2022

The two types of ultraviolet energy that reach the earth are UV-A and UV-B, UV-A being the most harmful. UV-C appears to be too weak to pass the earth’s atmosphere. 95% of the UV light to penetrate the earth’s ozone layer comes from the UV-A and 5% from the UV-B….

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