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Can window film be scratched?
December 23, 2019

All window film manufacturers use several types of scratch-resistant coatings throughout the manufacturing process. This coating is placed to the exterior side of the window film in order to protect the surface from wear and tear. The majority of quality films are scratch resistant, however there is no window film…

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How long does Residential/Commercial window tint last?
September 19, 2019

Solar Shield residential and commercial window films are warranted by Eastman manufacturer. Residential window films are lifetime warranty and commercial window films are warranted for 15 years against crazing, peeling, demetallizing, bubbling, delaminating, or discoloring when properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions on suitable interior surfaces of glass…

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Does Window Tint Void Warranty on Dual Pane Glass?
September 3, 2019

Once, glass manufacturers believed that adding film to the windows would cause early seal failure. Of course, when installing a heat absorbing film such as “automotive film”, it increases the temperature of the glass, creating early seal failure (condensation in between panes). Nowadays, only appropriate films are applied on residential…

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Does window film cause glass breakage?
July 18, 2019

Glass breakage caused by window film application occurs in about 1/10 of 1% of installations. Usually window film is not the only cause for cracking the glass. In most cases, the breakage is the result of imperfections in the glass or window framing before window film is installed. Any glass…

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