Protect your home and business with Safety Film.

Protect against:

  • Storms/hurricanes – flying glass injuries
  • Earthquakes – flying glass injuries
  • Explosions – bomb blasts
  • Vandalism – forced entry
  • Graffiti – just peel away the graffiti and have new reapplied.

All of which are costly and deadly.

Protect all your precious resources — human as well as financial.

Clear or tinted, heavy-duty polyester compound, provides a thin, transparent protective barrier against these threats. This film is bonded by a unique adhesive system that can drastically reduce damage and injury from broken window glass.

You can’t predict a disaster, but you can prepare for it.

For contractors, architects, building owners you can upgrade annealed glass to safety rated glass for your personal safety and protection.

It’s time to protect you, your family and friends or business from glass breakage or forced entry.

The film provides optical clarity, no distortion or a yellow, cloudy or hazy shadow.  A scratch resistant coating assures trouble-free maintenance with most window cleaners, including those with ammonia.  The film also provides 95%+ protection from harmful UV rays to help prevent fading and give skin protection against dangerous sun rays.

Llumar Signal Defense Security Film is used for sensitive federal government facilities, prevents nefarious types from hacking secret data out of thin air.  Signal Defense film has been installed on more than 200 buildings within federal agencies, this includes the departments of Defense, Treasury and State.

With an even more advance second version of the film for government the first version is now available to retail, health care and financial service businesses.

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