Is your tint legal?

How dark can my windows be? *

Windshield No tint is allowed
Front Side Windows 50% or lighter
Back Side Windows 50% or lighter
Rear Window 50% or lighter
SUVs and Vans:
Windshield No tint is allowed
Front Side Windows 50% or lighter
Back Side Windows Unlimited
Rear Window Unlimited

*Medical exemptions, such as an optometrist prescription, are allowed, in which case the vehicle can be tinted as dark as the prescription specifies. Though the car may still get pulled over, the prescription should be kept in the glove box and pulled out if the officer specifies illegal window tint as the reason for the stop.

I just got a window tint ticket. Now what?

If you’ve got a fix-it ticket, make an appointment at a tint shop to get the illegal tint removed and then signed off to waive the ticket. If you get a normal ticket, getting the tint removed isn’t guaranteed to help you dispute the ticket, but it will keep you from getting pulled over again.

But I’ve had this window tint for years!

It’s actually been illegal to tint darker than 50% in Minnesota since 1985, but it’s only recently that they made it a misdemeanor for installers to put it in for customers without a medical exemption and started enforcing it on the streets.

I’m not sure how dark my windows are?

If you’re not sure if you have legal window tint, most window tint shops will gladly meter them for you free of charge.

What is the legal window tint limit?

As of 2010, shops can no longer install any film that does not meet the 50% tint limit on all car windows, even the back, for vehicles licenced in the state of Minnesota.

This is ridiculous – I want to complain!

So write your state legislator! Tell them that our tint law is unnecessarily strict, and that in almost any other state, you can get a darker tint to protect you and your family. All we want is 35% – dark enough to give you the full benefits of window film, but light enough that our law enforcement is still comfortable.

We’re trying to change the law, but we can’t do it without your support.

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