Choosing the correct window film for me

posted by Solar Shield, 8 years ago

Do you need help in choosing  the correct window film?

We have a wide variety of people who come into our shop,  some have been customers for years and know exactly what kind of tint they are looking for, but most people don’t know what  film will meet their needs  and that’s why we are here — We take pride in helping people to make better decisions!

First of all, we need to find out all issues you are facing without tint on your windows and there are several problems it could cause:

  • Lack of privacy;
  • High temperatures;
  • Glare;
  • UV rays exposure;
  • High risk of shattering glass;

Or even if you just want your car, house or office to look more appealing… Once we find out your primary goals, we can move forward to the next step:


So all of our films are sold with 99.9% UV protection  and will definitely increase shatter resistance. Security films are thicker and meant for safety, are going to help you with shatter resistance far more than a non-security film, but either way, you’ll achieve a shatter resistance goal with our films.

Consequently, UV protection, privacy, heat and glare reduction  are a few of the goals we hear often for automotive, residential or commercial. Heat rejection comes in two ways: by choosing a ceramic film or a darker film, or both! Darker films reject heat and offer more privacy. However, ceramic films offer more heat resistance allowing you to stay legal in your vehicle or lighter in your home or office.

In conclusion, this is a condensed version of “Choosing the correct window film for me”. And one of our  main goals are giving you answers  for these questions…

 “Which problems am I facing without my windows tinted?”

“What kind of window film will help me to solve these problems?”

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