Window Tinting in Winter

posted by Solar Shield, 8 years ago

Cold weather is not a challenge when it comes to window tinting in Minnesota. Yes, we do tint windows in the winter and it is easier for you to schedule your best time! We know how to handle ourselves on all four seasons, as every one of our employees has grown up in the Midwest.

The main factor that cold weather affects is “time”!

For automotive window tinting, the typical drying process takes 2-3 weeks —  when it is warm and sunny. In wintertime, it takes about 3-4 weeks. The sun enhances the drying process. During winter for residential and commercial when temperature reaches -5Fº/-10Fº degrees, we have to wait until it is warm enough to tint exterior windows, however it will never stop us to tint interiors of residences and commercial buildings.

Winter may cause delays to our work commute, it may close beaches, and prevent us from planting flowers outdoors… but it’s not going to stop us from working here in Minnesota. — Don’t let it stop you from scheduling a free on site estimate!

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