5 Money Saving Window Tint Resolutions for 2017

posted by Solar Shield, 8 years ago

Our Solar Shield team won’t lose sight of the ways you can stay healthy, wealthy and wise in the next year! Whether your home or vehicle, window films offer cost-effective and high-tech ways to help provide safety benefits, control energy use, protect both eyes, skin, and home or office furnishing as well.

Window film offers advantages year round

  • from energy savings and health
  • to protection of your home, office, vehicle’s fabrics and furnishings from fading of solar radiation

Here are your 5 Money Saving Window Tint Resolutions

  1. Start saving on residential energy bills. Having windows tinted in your home increases comfort and helps to save energy during hot summers and cold winters. It keeps solar heat out of your house in the hot weather and radiant heat inside your home during cold weather. Learn how our Enerlogic films can help you saving money: https://www.gjerdessolarshield.com/2016/12/13/window-tinting-used-insulation/
  2. Save money on your home improvement project: A professional window film installation is less costly compared with full windows replacement.
  3. Cherish your floors and furniture: Professionally installed window film can add an extra layer of protection for some of your most valuable furniture. The window film will reduce premature fading and slowing deterioration. For instance, during winter the sun is lower and your south windows have more exposure, reaching farther in the home. You also loose protection from trees/leaves.
  4. Add customization and privacy: Decorative films come in a number of designs and colors to enhance the look of your room. You may even increase privacy with frosted films. No need to cover your view with shades or curtains!
  5. Enjoy our new referral program! Upon the completion of the job to whom you referred, we’ll send you a Gift Card. Average gift card is $50 per residential/commercial job (amount will be determined by job size).

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