Do you know how window film works for your home or office?

posted by Solar Shield, 7 years ago

How window film works in your home or office

Summer is just around the corner… Window films are beneficial for your home year round. Even though we face cold winters in Minnesota, we still have to deal with hot weather!

One fact that most people don’t know is that window film works by blocking the passage of heat into room spaces, improving the insulating performance of windows and in the winter it helps to retain warm temperatures inside. Window film reduces solar heat gain in summer and maintains warmth in the winter. It reduces the amount of time your heater runs by allowing a room to heat up faster and stay warm much longer. Proving to be more cost effective throughout the entire year.

Do not wait for the next season to have your windows tinted in your home or commercial building… We offer free on site estimates! Give us a call.

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