Is 40% of heating loss in commercial building do to inefficient windows?

posted by Solar Shield, 7 years ago

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Save energy on your existing commercial windows

Yes, according to the US Department of Energy

If you’re a commercial building owner or property manager in the Midwest, you know how important energy efficiency is to your budget. You are also in need of retaining and attracting good tenants. What you may not know is that windows are the shortcoming to your building’s insulating system. You are losing tons of money through the inefficient glass.

The US Department of Energy estimates the amount of energy lost annually through windows is $35 billion, and nearly 40% of heating loss in commercial buildings alone is due to windows.

We’ve applied window film to roughly 3897 of square feet of glass on the buildings above. This gave the building a more appealing appearance, inviting and comfortable spaces inside. The energy savings is huge, as you might imagine!
Our window films are an excellent, cost-effective option to improve the tenant comfort level inside, no matter what the weather is like outside, all year round. We can install it on your home windows as well!

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