Is your home/office ready for winter in MN?

posted by Solar Shield, 7 years ago

Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature especially during the coldest months of winter in Minnesota. You  still have time to double check if your house or business are winter-ready —

We can help you with this checklist…


1 – Gutters, Drains & Roofs: Cleaned Gutters? Make sure all vents are covered to prevent insects from getting in? Sealed joints where water could get in?

2 – Garden: Trimmed overgrown branches? Cover patio furniture or store indoors? Shut off exterior faucets? Are handrails secure?

3 – Outdoors: Is your snow blower prepared? Brought shovels to the front? Stock up on ice melt or sand?

4- Heating & A/C: Checked air filter in your furnace? Have you cleaned your humidifiers? Checked smoke alarms? Removed A/C units from windows or covered them? Inspect the firebox & flue system? Examined exposed ducts?

5 – Windows & Doors: Did you check for Weather-Stripping? Did you contact Solar Shield to schedule a free on-site estimate to start saving on your energy bills and increase your home/office energy efficiency?

This basic checklist can save you extra expenses and help lower maintenance costs. Share away!


Solar Shield window films definitely offer faster payback than other energy efficiency measures, such as replacing windows or heating/cooling systems. Finally the best part of window film is comfort and energy cost savings you’ll enjoy!

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