Should I tint my car darker than the legal limit of 50% here in MN?

posted by Solar Shield, 7 years ago

Tinting Darker Than 50% MN Legal


• Higher Heat Rejection
• Shattering glass resistance
• Privacy
• Enhanced style
• Helps protect upholstery
• Glare reduction


• Must provide medical note
• Medical prescription-update every 2 years
• Vulnerable to Police Pull Over
• Less visibility at night

One more extra advantage:

Anyone can get an eye prescription from an optometrist due to light sensitivity, if want your own doctor we’ll let you know the information that needs to be written on your prescription, if not Solar Shield will help you to get an eye prescription from excellent doctors in the area.

Medical prescriptions are usually written at 20% light transmission. It is important that you know it doesn’t mean we will apply 20% light transmission window film on your windows, as it would make it darker than your eye prescription allows. Please, keep in mind automotive windows are manufactured with a slight percentage of light reduction. 


*As courtesy we can even offer you a ride to the clinic while we tint your vehicle Saving you some time!

*Must be scheduled at specific locations before 3 p.m.

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