5 essential things to know about window tint over defroster lines

posted by Solar Shield, 6 years ago

How Does the Rear Defroster Work?
Rear defroster works through an electrical system, while defrosters in the front uses forced air to clear the view on the glass for drivers. The thin lines on the rear window are electrical wires, where electrical current flows through to help removing the condensation formed on the rear window.

Does window film affects rear defrosters?
Yes! In fact it will improve the defroster lines performance by allowing the heat generated by the lines to be distributed throughout the glass more evenly. Ceramic and metal films will produce better results than dyed films.

What’s the risk?
One of the most important things to be careful about when tinting windows that have defroster lines is when cleaning the glass, it requires a surface free of debris, grime or dust. We don’t use sharp blades to scrape away the residues on windows with defroster lines, because it could accidentally damage the electrical wires. Using appropriate tolls, our professionals are extremely careful and skilled to clean rear windows.

Can window film be removed from a window with defroster lines?
Yes! We can remove it, but again we don’t use sharp blades. Instead we have to dissolve the adhesive through a steaming process to aid in the removal of the film.

What are the benefits to tint windows with defroster lines?
Well, in addition to help generating heat evenly to the window, defrosters and window film team up to melt the snowman on your back window quickly. Window film is a must-have, especially here in Minnesota… If you live in a snowy state, get it for this reason!

* Special hint – Make sure you have your defroster of your front windshield set to fresh air as opposed to recycled air to provide less fogging on your windshield.

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