Winter 10 must have’s – Auto

posted by Solar Shield, 6 years ago

1. Put a “winter supply” box in your car: a flashlight, a first-aid kit, blanket, extra clothes and gloves, extra portable charger for your phone, road flares and an extra ice scraper.

2. Check your tires pressure and tread depth. Maybe replace for snow tires?

3. Get your winter windshield wiper fluid. Change your wipers if needed.  You may also consider a set of winter wipers that protects the wipers’ mechanism.

4. Install Auto Remote Starter at Solar Shield, our base unit costs only 334.50 (taxes not included). This is a must!

5. Applying window film on your windows helps the rear defrosters to work better, not to mention less distracting glare. Let us know if you need to scheduled an installation.

6. The salt from the roads can also damage the paint of your vehicle (bumper, hood, headlights). Solar Shield offers paint protection a la carte as well. Send us an email to get prices for your vehicle and protect your investment against sand, rock chips, salt and other debris!

7. After applying Solar Shield Paint Protection film, you can wax the car after a month. The wax will help protect the paint and paint protection film from snow and salt damage.

8. Don’t forget some high-energy snacks, such as mixed nuts, jerky or energy bars.

9. Have a de-icer in your home or in your briefcase or purse. Or use warm water (if accessible) or some glycerin.

10. Final check up: Change the oil, check the ratio of engine coolant (antifreeze), check the battery, defroster and heater.

We hope it helps you to embrace our Minnesota winter!

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