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If you are looking for window film for your home or office (residential/commercial) to solve problems such as:

  • Excessive Heat
  • Privacy
  • Fading Floors, Carpet, Furnishings
Design (Enhance aesthetics)

You must know our window films would solve all of these problems above. – It can get a little bit overwhelming due to the vast range and variety available, but we can help you to find the right product to meet all your needs.

First, let us show you some general options of films Solar Shield has available to you:

  • Reflective (One Way Mirrored) – modernizes building aesthetic and reduce the heat
  • Exterior – Applied on exterior of the windows
  • Ceramic – reduces great amount of heat at lower level of tint
  • Neutral – offers transparency with minimal change of light transmission
  • Security – provides anti-burglar, anti-graffiti, and anti-blast protection
  • Decorative – provides privacy and enhance the look of exteriors and interiors with customizable window film patterns and colors.

The manufacturers below offer a combination of these type of window films providing their own unique technology. – With our expertise we help you get what you need for energy needs, architectural features, privacy, design and other factors.

Founded by George Eastman in 1920, this company focuses on the chemical compositions that create window films —the largest in the world. They also invented many of the materials that compose modern window films. Their brands include:

LLumar – a variety of window films: reflective, spectrally select, ceramics, some decorative options, safe & security films, among others;

Vista – Solar Control, reflective, privacy films, exterior and interior applications.



Started in 1979. Decorative Films LLC is a specialized company manufacturing a wide range of self-adhesive and static cling decorative privacy films. Their registered Trademarks:
Solyx – SOLYX® Architectural films, SOLYX® Textured films, and SOLYX® Colored & Specialty films.
SimGlas – Designed to simulate the look of expensive glass effects at a fraction of the cost and with no sacrifice in quality.

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