How to Clean Windows – Spring Cleaning in Minnesota

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It’s time to clean, REnew, REdo, REmodel… Spring has sprung in Minnesota!

We are all itching for new clothes, new accessories, makeovers and fresh wisdom. We’ll see changes everywhere: Weather, Landscape, Our energy, wardrobe,  vibe of our home – So you  don’t let dirty windows obscure the view of this spring!

We all want sparkling windows, whether we hire a pro or do the job ourselves.

If you are a DIY person we will help you to have your windows clean safely with the following steps:

1. Identifying your windows;

2. The right tools/products;

3. How to do  it effective and safely;

If your windows are identified as standard glass windows, not leaded or stained, not tinted – You can use any type of glass cleaning product, but a good solution is a cup of water, tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of rubbing alcohol. You can try straight ammonia only if the glass is too cloudy.

Are your windows tinted with Solar Shield film?

You can’t go wrong  with hot, soapy water and then rinse with a small amount of vinegar and water to improve shine – Never use chemicals (like ammonia) on your window film, however use can use on opposite side of the window, just make sure you have no exterior window film application.

The best wipe-down tools are:

  • polishing cloths
  • paper towels
  • microfiber cloths
  • newspapers.

Keep in mind cotton towels can leave lint behind.

High outside windows?

Use an extendable tool with a handle, make sure it has a soft scrubber on one side and a squeegee on the other. Using the cleaning solution, spray the scrubber, after cleaning just squeegee to remove the solution.

Sometimes hiring a professional may be a better option specially if you have specialty or tinted windows. The pros can deal and identify problems, such as screen patterns etched on glass, screens that aren’t fitting right, clogged channels, seal failure windows, insect infestations or wood rot.

Do some research before you hire a window cleaner, make sure the company is licensed accordingly, has insurance, experience and provide a free estimate, it’s also very important to read some previous customer’s reviews online from reliable websites.

We hope these tips will help you. Enjoy your Spring!

Solar Shield Team,

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