Should I tint my skylights?

posted by Solar Shield, 6 years ago

The angle of the glass panes on a skylight is very different from a regular windows. Which makes the application a little bit more of a challenge. This is especially true when applied from inside because the film hangs upside down. Although, there are also exterior film options, but it’s often applied on commercial buildings or homes, if there is no way to reach from inside. 
What makes the application even more difficult is the newly designed homes that have tunnels before reaching the skylights, but our installers have been properly trained and they usually find ways to reach the skylights with professional lift equipment provided by Solar Shield.
That’s why tinting skylights could be more costly than regular windows, since it depends on height, length of tunnel, window frame material, shape and size of each pane of glass etc…

Advantages of tinting

The advantages of tinting skylights are huge! Think about that: All sunlight and UV Rays come directly from the ceiling especially in the summer and spring time. Solar control films can block the harmful UV Rays and reduce the fading of your furnishings, walls and floors. Not to mention, being able to reduce the heat coming from the skylight panes.
There are some restrictions when tinting skylights. That’s why we recommend a free consultation on-site (depending on the location) or online (through pictures of the area).
One more detail you should know – when surroundings of the skylight panes are white painted, most of the time there will be a need to have it repainted after the window film application. It can add extra costs to your project. Thinking on the long term, it’s worth it protecting your furnishings, floor and make your home more energy efficient and comfortable.
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