Can you apply window film over stickers on a glass pane?

posted by Solar Shield, 4 years ago


Window film over stickers

Commercial windows and doors, especially on storefronts, usually have security tapes, stickers, decals and other information on the glass. In most cases these signs and tapes must be removed from the glass before window film application.  

Solar Shield specialist will recommend which ones needs to be removed or not. Usually super flat decals are not removed and window film could still be applied over them. However, the bond on the decal won’t be as effective as it will be on the glass. You can also consider reapplying the stickers on the other side of the glass (image reversal). Highly raised decals or stickers should be always scraped off. 

Attachment security systems and alarm contacts are usually found on commercial glass windows and doors. The attachment systems are usually raised above the surface over the edges of the glass pane, and solar control window film can still be applied on these windows/doors. If alarm contact is also found on the windows, it should be removed before the window film application, but Solar Shield professionals can’t remove alarm contact, it needs to be removed by your security company and replaced after window film installation.

Safety and Security Film

Solar Shield also offers attachment security system installation and safe and security films which offer even better features than tempered glass — We provide certification! We always install safety and security film before solar control window film as a second layer, or you can opt to our solar control security films as well.

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