Legal limit in Minnesota for any SUV/MPV/Van/Truck

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The legal limit in Minnesota for any SUV/MPV/Van/Truck is 50% on the driver/passenger windows. There is no restriction on darkness in the rears. If you’re wanting to go darker on the driver/passenger, you can do so legally by obtaining a medical prescription for window film*. Light sensitivity is a basic reason for anyone to get a prescription for window film. We can even refer doctors if you want to go that route…

Eyebrows (dark strip on top of windshield) are legal if prescribed by a doctor. We usually apply 15% light transmission film for eyebrows.

Legal limit in Minnesota for SUV/MPV/Van/Truck:
Windshield: No tint is allowed
Front Side Windows: 50% or lighter
Back Side Windows: Unlimited
Rear Window: Unlimited

Window Tint Prescriptions

  • *Medical exemptions, either an optometrist, dermatologist, or other doctor may write a prescription. The vehicle can be tinted as dark as the prescription specifies. Though the vehicle may still get pulled over, the prescription should be kept in the glove box and pulled out if the officer specifies illegal window tint as the reason for the stop.  The manufacturer glass is usually slightly tinted so make sure and consider that when getting the percentage written on your prescription.  Your window film prescription should have the following:
  • Date
  • Percentages allowed for window film on them
  • Windshield added with %
  • Eyebrow with %
  • Doctors name and signature
  • Patients name
  • Date of Expiration (two years post issued date)

You may find a doctor write a prescription with the make and model of your vehicle on it. If you have more than one vehicle you may need to have other vehicles added to your prescription. 

The difference in passenger vehicles and MPV’s

Many have interpreted the law the same for passenger vehicles which is incorrect. Legal limit in Minnesota for any passenger vehicle is 50% for sides and rear and no window film on the front windshield.

If you want to know whether your Cross-over is a  MPV or a passenger vehicle you may look at the sticker on your door.



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