Does window film cause glass breakage?

posted by Solar Shield, 5 years ago

Glass breakage caused by window film application occurs in about 1/10 of 1% of installations. Usually window film is not the only cause for cracking the glass. In most cases, the breakage is the result of imperfections in the glass or window framing before window film is installed.
Any glass exposed to solar radiation, subsequently increases its temperature. Glass with film window film increases the amount of solar radiation absorbed and reflected by the glass, as a result less solar energy can enter in your home or building.
Thermal expansion and stress on the glass cause glass breakage or seal failure in an insulated glass. Not to mention, thermal stress sometimes results from uneven temperature distribution on the surface of the glass. Usually caused by partial shading as well.
Nowadays, it is possible to attain a great amount of solar energy rejection performance with lighter film options, thanks to the manufacturing and technological advances in window films. High-tech films offer great performance without absorbing excessive amounts of heat. In addition, our window films save energy, increase comfort, reduce UV rays and enhance the appeal of homes and buildings.
Before deciding what film to apply on your windows make sure the window manufacturer you choose offers warranty against glass breakage and seal failure. Solar Shield window film manufacturers offer 5-year warranty against glass breakage and 3-year warranty against seal failure. Not to mention, limited lifetime warranty against bubbling, crazing, delaminating, demetallizing, discoloring, and peeling for residential window film and 15-year limited lifetime warranty for commercial applications.

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