Does Window Tint Void Warranty on Dual Pane Glass?

posted by Solar Shield, 5 years ago

You may have heard that window tint will void your warranty on your dual pane glass. Once, glass manufacturers believed that adding film to the windows would cause early seal failure. Of course, when installing a heat absorbing film such as “automotive film”, it increases the temperature of the glass. This creates early seal failure (condensation in between panes). Nowadays, only appropriate films are applied on residential windows and these films reflect or redirect the ultra violet rays and infrared back outside. The high temperature is never stuck in the glass, and the seal is not compromised.

That’s why in most cases window film application would void window warranties. However, Solar Shield’s window film manufacturers are assured they will not only warrant the film (limited lifetime) from cracking, bubbling, discoloring, delaminating, but they will also warrant the windows from glass breakage – 5 years and seal failure – 3 years. The window film manufacturer protects against thermal stress, seal failure, and film failure. You’ll not only purchase window film, but an insurance plan for your windows as well.

Be Protected

These warranties are extended to the original purchaser. Although some manufacturers will transfer the warranty to the new owner of the home. The window film is warranted by the manufacturer against bubbling, peeling, crazing, delaminating, demetallizing, and discoloring when properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. For the warranty the film must be applied on suitable INTERIOR surfaces of glass windows and must be applied by an authorized dealer. If the film fails to comply with this warranty, the manufacturer will replace the non-conforming or defective film (both labor and materials) at no cost to the consumer. 

Now you may comfortably apply window film on your windows to reduce heat, reduce glare and reduce fading. You may make your home comfortable with no hot spots in areas of the home. How nice to be able to see the computer and television screens without the glare of the sun. How important to protect the interior of your home against fading. You may do all this without worrying about the warranty on your windows.

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