How long does Residential/Commercial window tint last?

posted by Solar Shield, 5 years ago

Solar Shield residential and commercial window films have a warranty by Eastman manufacturer. Residential window films are offer with a lifetime warranty. Commercial window films have a fifteen year warranty. The warranty is against cracking, peeling, de-metallizing, bubbling, delaminating, or discoloring. In order for warranty, they must be properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Installation must be on suitable interior surfaces of glass by an authorized dealer, such as Solar Shield Inc. So how long does window tint last?

The longevity of Solar Shield window films will vary due to several factors including:

-The construction of your windows

-Type of glass

-Quality of window film installed

In fact, when properly installed on the interior side of the glass and when well cared for, window film can actually last for 30 years or more…

Because of the variety of films available, it is important to consult a window tinting professional about the specific product and warranty you select.

Some manufacturers will even offer a five year glass warranty and three year seal warranty providing your existing windows have the same warranty. The manufacturer will do this because some glass companies will void the window warranty if you put window film on. They do this because they need to protect themselves against the homeowner putting window film on and not know what the film to glass warranties are. The window film manufacturer can do this because they will only sell the film to credit installers.

We have seen film last more than twenty years and still look great and some other manufacturers film not even last ten years.

The most important factor is the quality of the window film installed that will give you the most longevity.

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