Can window film be scratched?

posted by Solar Shield, 4 years ago

All window film manufacturers use several types of scratch-resistant coatings throughout the manufacturing process.  The coating is placed on the exterior side of the window film. This protects the surface from wear and tear.

The majority of quality films are scratch resistant, however there is no window film completely scratch proof. We offer Llumar/Vista films which are known for innovative technology-based solutions and are manufactured with a strong, scratch-resistant coating. Llumar and Vista window films are very durable and practically maintenance free when installed.

Animals may scratch glass. With window film on your windows it can be replaced for a fraction of the cost of a new windows.

Years ago window films did not have this coating and you had to be careful cleaning them. Today cleaning is much easier due to the coatings provided. You do need to make sure and stay away from ammonia because it will break-down the scratch resistant coating. Also, make sure and avoid allowing abrasive touch the film as it will scratch.

The market carries many different brands of glass cleaners made for window films for your convenience. Otherwise you may just use one part vinegar to three parts water and a drop of dish-soap to make your own solution.

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