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When we recommend privacy window film some customers think about a standard window tint, sometimes an unpleasant dark film that creates an isolated room, or even a black-out film that would block the view from the windows, but that’s not the case.

Privacy window film is more than you might think. And businesses get much more benefits than just privacy when we choose the right film for them.

More than privacy.

Different than our prospect customers think, there are so many possibilities and customization when it comes to privacy window films. It could be our basic dark film, or it could be as cool and colorful, decorative film or cut-out custom designed film. There is no limit to creativity here.

For instance, private meeting rooms can use decorative window film, frosted window film, gradient films, all to create a more function space. There are several possibilities other than typical blinds. We can help you to choose the best film to meet your needs and enhance the appeal of your office.

See the different films used for privacy:

  • Opaque, frosted or patterned decorative films: These films can be customized in different shapes/stripes. It comes in all colors, some are textured, and cool effects such as gradient films.
  • Branding through window film: Most decorative films – Easy-peel, can be customized for your brand creating innovative graphic options, while providing the privacy you need.
  • Useful films: you can choose a highly effective space when installing reusable and erasable white out film anywhere including on glass walls.

There are a lot of opportunities. Make sure you choose professionals who can help you to make the right choice. Then skilled installers for a high quality installation. Solar Shield has the knowledge to find a solution for your business. 

Contact us to find out more about our film options or schedule a free on-site consultation.

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