Spring Yourself into Refreshing Your Home Windows!

posted by Solar Shield, 3 years ago

We are all itching for new clothes, new accessories, makeovers and fresh wisdom. We’ll see changes everywhere: Weather, landscape, our energy, wardrobe, vibe of our home-so you don’t let dirty windows obscure the view of this spring! It’s time to Spring clean those dirty windows!

Spring is the season of renewal and rebirth. We’re looking to refresh our homes and air out our living spaces in order to help welcome the newness. You don’t want to look through murky glass to marvel at the fresh, green outside world, blooming with flowers! Cleaning windows is on the top of a lot of people’s most-despised cleaning jobs. We have a few tips to combat this, and soon you will have sparkling windows in no time!

Window without window film

If you’re into DIY projects, we can give you tips and tricks to help you clean your windows effectively. In this article, we have recommendations on what solutions to use, and what kinds of tools are best for cleaning tinted windows as well. Cleaning your windows on a cloudy day will give you an advantage, sunny days will cause your cleaning solution to dry up once it is on the glass before you properly clean. This will also help prevent streaks and water spots.

If your windows are identified as standard glass windows, not leaded, stained, or tinted, you can use any type of glass cleaning product, but a good solution is a cup of water, tablespoon of vinegar and a cup of rubbing alcohol. You can try using ammonia, but only if the glass is too cloudy.

Did you have your windows tinted by Solar Shield?

With the films we hang for our customers, we aren’t able to use regular glass cleaner. Ammonia (Windex has ammonia, but Windex also makes ammonia-free cleaners) and harsh chemicals can harm the film, and cause breakdown in the scratch-resistant coating. We like to recommend to our customers that a simple solution of three-parts water (warm), one-part vinegar, and a tiny drop of dish soap (we recommend Dawn) will do the trick.

The best window cleaning tools are:

  • Polishing cloths – Norwex window clothes are one of my favorites.
  • Paper towels (non-abrasive, but these can leave a static charge on the window, attracting dust and dirt)
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Plexus and Sprayway are cleaners designed for window film.
  • Newspapers (black and white).
  • Keep in mind cotton towels can leave lint behind (and you will want to stay away from sharp, metal objects).
  • Squeegee (wiping after each swipe prevents streaking).

Outside Windows that are High?

Extendable tools with a handle, make sure it has a soft scrubber on one side and a squeegee on the other. Using a non-ammonia cleaning solution, spray the scrubber, then after cleaning, just squeegee to remove the solution.

Sometimes hiring a professional may be a better option, especially if you have specialty treated or tinted windows. The pros can deal and identify problems such as screen patterns etched on glass, screens that aren’t fitting right, clogged channels, seal failure windows, insect infestations, or wood rot.

Do some research before you hire a window cleaner, make sure the company is licensed accordingly, has insurance, has experience with windows with film, and would provide a free estimate, it’s also very important to read some previous customer’s reviews online from reliable websites. Make sure to tell them, should you hire someone, to not use any harsh chemicals or any ammonia cleaner. Doing so will harm the scratch-resistant coating on the film.

Should you have any questions, please let us know! Happy Spring! Now go Spring clean your dirty windows.

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