What is the dot-matrix?

posted by Solar Shield, 3 years ago

The dot-matrix is a series of dots or lines along the edge of window glass on your auto. It is usually found along the outer edge of your rear window. These dots are made of a teflon material and are used for various reasons. Certain car manufacturers insist on using dot-matrix on their glass, the end result after tinting can be unpleasing to some.

What happens when tint is applied over the dot-matrix?

Window films are designed to adhere directly to glass. When window film is properly installed to a smooth glass surface, you achieve a beautiful and elegant look. The dot-matrix is a raised surface on the glass and the dots are too close together to allow the film to adhere properly to the glass. This can create an undesirable look, somewhat a silvery, faded, or white look.

What can be done?

Overall, not much. Some have had luck with various techniques to diminish the appearance, this includes: applying alternate adhesive, cutting around, vinyl, sanding the dots, and paint. No one technique is 100% effective. It has been our experience, to squeegee the area down about a month later. Doing this on a sunny day works best. We use a 1/2” felt squeegee to the dot-matrix area and often can make it look better. Some have cut around the dot matrix area but in most cases this does not look better.

Be sure to communicate with your installer if you are concerned prior to your appointment or film application.

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