Can we be thankful for Window Film?

posted by Solar Shield, 3 years ago

It is that time of year again where families gather together for one of America’s favorite traditions, Thanksgiving. This is a holiday all about family and friends, football, great food, anxious bargain shoppers, and most of all, sharing what we are thankful for.

Typically, we are thankful for our family, friends, health, jobs, safety, and shelter, the list goes on. But this year, I am going to say I am thankful for window film.

Why….? I am glad you asked!

Besides that it is the business that employs my family, there are several other reasons why I am thankful for window film, and you should be too. You will want to continue to read to see why this year for me, I am saying that I am thankful for film.

It helps protect your skin.

Other than the nocturnal animals, who doesn’t like a little sunshine? It literally brightens our days. But face it, the sun’s UV rays can damage and age your skin. The anti-aging industry has rapidly grown, have you seen the number of products for women’s skin available these days? Don’t forget about this alarming statistic from the Skin Cancer Foundation, that one and five Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime. Talk about taking the fun out of the sun.

Many people think that the sun cannot damage their skin if they are sitting behind glass. This is not necessarily true. Luckily, LLumar’s window film (car, home, or even office building) has the technology to block more than 99% of harmful UV rays. That is why The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window tint as part of a comprehensive skin care program.

It not only helps cut down glare but also your energy bill.

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch TV or work on your computer, and having the sun interrupt your ability to see by creating glare on your screens. Blinds and curtains are not the answer when I would actually like to see out the windows I had to pay for. Window film will block the glare and it can help protect your furnishings from fading due to sun damage. Window film will also help you save on energy bills by rejecting a lot of excess heat that comes from the sun’s rays.  Here is another testimony about this on Charles and Hudson’s post.

It helps protect you from intruders, broken glass and hazardous weather.

Window areas are a common and fragile point of entry into homes and businesses. That is why they are one of the most frequent ways intruders get in. Safety and security film can help delay intruders from breaking in. The film also helps hold the glass together. In severe weather if a foreign object were to hit  and shatter your window, you would be less likely to get injured from flying glass shards.

Now for the reason I am Thankful especially this year for my Window Film.

I have had window film for many years on the windows of my home, but last fall, I had new windows installed, and we did not have film put up until January. On a particularly cold, but sunny day prior to that, I was sitting in my living room, and could not figure out why I was feeling so much heat. That’s right, on a winter day the sun was out and creating too much heat in my living room. I have not experienced hot spots in my home for so long, and that is because I always had window film. Needless-to-say, I had my windows tinted and now I am thankful for Window Film once again.

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