Commercial Window Film – Why?

posted by Solar Shield, 6 years ago

Such as residential, commercial window films could be very confusing as well… That’s why Solar Shield provides simple explanations on this guide.

Commercial window films can get a little bit more technical than residential film options. Yet window film is an affordable alternative to window replacement. It’s important that you know about these four important types of commercial films:

1 – Security Film

It protects your establishments and merchandise from flying glass in storms and break-ins. It also upgrades glass to even better tempered specifications. There a few reasons to install safe and security film on your windows and doors. (See Link)

Please note: Safe and Security Films will delay the access into the office/business, it can act as a powerful deterrent, but it’s not bulletproof.

2 – Energy-Efficient Films

Reduce heat, glare and reflections on computer screens and block UV rays. It also reduces fading of interior of your office, furnishings, merchandise, decoration and other equipments. The energy performance technology behind these films enable heat to be kept out during summer and radiant heat to be kept in during winter. It provides year-round energy savings and improved comfort for worker/employees.

Vista 18 Celeste, Llumar RN07 (one way mirrored film) and Huper Optik Drei Film are the most popular films we apply on commercial buildings and offices here in Minnesota.

It reduces an average of 56-75% total solar energy rejected (TSER) on windows and doors. And according to U.S. Department of Energy 40% of heating loss in commercial buildings is due to inefficient windows. The US Department of Energy estimates the amount of energy lost annually through windows is $35 billion(See Link)

3 – Film Graphics

Designed to get public attention and identification in your establishments. A specialist can apply the film on indoor surfaces, such as glass doors, windows, plaques, and other flat surfaces. It can generate traffic to specific locations, or just informative signs, such as hours of operations, addresses, entrances, among others. You can have your design reproduced in any color and professionally applied.

4 – Decorative & Privacy

There are endless varieties of decorative films that can be professionally customized and designed in the decorative film to meet the requirements of your brand identity. You can find stained glass, frosted, gradient, light diffusing, dry erase window films among others…

The most common commercial applications are on office’s wall glasses with white frosted films and glass entry doors.

You see there are different commercial window film options out there.

The best way to understand each one is to contact a “Window Film Sales Specialist”. They can make recommendations to meet your specific needs.

As experts in the window film industry since 1989 our goal is to attain the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. We provide informative and helpful content on our products and services to educate and help you with your purchase decision. Not to mention, saving you time and resources in terms of research.

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