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Choosing the correct window film for me
October 16, 2016

Do you need help in choosing  the correct window film? We have a wide variety of people who come into our shop,  some have been customers for years and know exactly what kind of tint they are looking for, but most people don’t know what  film will meet their needs …

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You, Your Car and the Sun
August 17, 2016

Spring has officially sprung, and the signs are everywhere – budding trees, birds chirping and here in Minnesota. We hope to see some green grass by June! The sun is vital to our survival on earth. It keeps our planet in orbit in the solar system, and it’s heat is…

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Is Your Home Fading Away? – Solar Shield, MN Window Tinting
August 17, 2016

If you’re like us, you value your home and possessions; after all, you spend your hard-earned money to purchase and maintain them. Furniture, window treatments, art work, decorations, carpet and flooring are expensive; not to mention the price of your home! Like us, you probably want to safeguard your investment…

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